the real scrap daddies

I was reading in the newspapers recently about the truly exorbitant amount our bunch of losers (read the cricket team) earn. That big small guy tendulkar makes about 12-15 crores per year! And that is the total amount earned by leader paes and Mahesh bhupathy …while lee hesh have won many grand slams together and individually sachin tendulkar or for that matter anyone in the Indian cricket team does not have anything to show for the ridiculous amounts that they earn every year. The media often term the boys beaten black and blue as a bunch of chokers. I think they are not chokers but in fact jokers. I pity our other sports people who are not able to make money just because the f*****g cricketers ate them all. To see athletes suffer and not develop because of lack of sponsorship is cruel. I believe the money that these asses earn must be limited the amount of endorsements should be regulated so that other sportspersons should be allowed to make money. For unlike the cricketers who have enough facilities and finances to prepare …athletes like anju bobby george , R.S.rathode etc. have to run from pillar to post to get money to train , buy equipment and pay for coaches fees etc. others like narain karthikeyan who despite solid backing make no money at all since it goes into financing their teams. These individuals show far more gut determination and dedication to their sport to carry on in search of excellence in spite of such hardships unlike our favorite cricketers who make bank loads of money without winning a single trophy.


One thought on “the real scrap daddies

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    You cant blame the cricketers man!!!!

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