Any one listening

In India we love our movies. Apparently we love the make believe world of movies so much that we have decided to live in one. Its is true we live in a fake world where what we proudly announce or hear others say in never true.
Take for example the loud talks of our so called economic prowess. We are supposed to be the fastest growing economies in the world, barring china, Brazil….and others.
We love this illusion so much that even when reality slaps us on the face rather than react we smile like fools and pretend nothing ever happened that all is rosy…like we are still winning.
We tout ourselves as software czars. Ha! We are nothing but fabricators who build applications according to set specifications, where is out truly indigenous breakthrough software making money?
We are supposed to be getting FDI inflows…well they are just making use of the 10% capital gains provision to lower their tax burdens. It’s a slap when the World Bank finds Pakistan much more business friendly than India, we are better only to Afghanistan and this is a fact. Is it sinking in? We are just a shade better in business friendliness than a country where the Taliban, American bombing and armed hoodlums are a daily routine. Where there is no government so to speak and which is a 21st century rendition of the Wild Wild West.
Even Bhutan which ha no industries is better than us, Are we red faced yet?
Our airports are no match for Chicago greyhound bus terminals and yet we don’t want to change. Our railway stations are more of a giant toilet but we are happy. Our impotent politician no matter how incompetent are still able to beat the Mickey out of us, we don’t care. Our cricketers… (Ughh I don’t want to talk about them) eat all money and give us shit from the other end. We think we are some kind of great power, the largest democracy! And we cannot get the world to support our bid for the UNSC. We are anything but great at the moment, but we like to pat our own backs live in this lie…”we are the best why try harder?” and we keep falling down the spiral.
We are recognized in the world, it true. But only as a bunch of no good people who are apparently not good at anything. We tom tom our IIT’s and IIMs as the best in the world they do not rank anywhere in the best in the world except maybe near rungs of a tall, tall ladder.
Our best cities are crippled by a few days of rain and we want to make them metropolises!
When are we going to wake up and smell the stink around us, do we want to live in this cesspool? When are we going to stop pretending we are the best and actually become the best?

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