Picture this!

A Punjabi music video. The singer dressed in a bhangra outfit. A couple of actors running around trees. A dance troupe dancing in the background, wearing a silly grin.
The girlfriend cries. Tries to pacify the angry boyfriend. Sings a song. Another dance.
Look into each others eyes. Embrace. Walk into the sunset together. The guy is wearing a Tee all this while. It says “DUCK MY SICK”. how romantic!. Someone give me a tissue I need to cry.

I also happened to see this episode on DD of some stupid show long time back. The cable had gone down so I was whiling away my time on DD. This dude had been kicked out of home by his father, for some lame reason I don’t think I’ll be able to remember. What I really REALLY remember is the scene where the dude is walking don the road . crying, lugging his heavy bag and a heavier heart, with music playing in the background like someone just died. There he went walking toward the camera wiping his tears off. Sad, I would have felt sorry for the guy ….only if he had not been wearing a shirt which said “I AM GOING NUCKING FUTS”!!


2 thoughts on “Picture this!

  1. sanjukta says:

    Is that true??? where from do you get all that…must say you have eyes to scan the wit and irony…

  2. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Thatz so loserly!

    And i exactly know wht backgrnd music u talkin abt …

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