And we thought Bombay had bad days

Frankly I feel sorry for people who have lost it all, but it’s not like it should be ….something is missing. The sympathy is somehow overpowered by a horrid smugness “now they know what it is like on the streets with no food, water….”
I was not alone in fact Dubya who is a self confessed fan of the tradition of the siesta was sleeping till Wednesday- on vacation, days after the tragedy.

As I saw the images on CNN, those poor, mostly black people holed up in temporary shelters. I was reminded instantly of images from similar encampments in Africa like Somalia and more recently in Sudan.
One of the CNN hosts interviewing the U.N. Relief commissioner asked him what the U.N. was doing to help America…. HA! You are the richest country in the world, with more friggin money than we can imagine and now YOU are BEGGING for help!
This was repeated by the commissioner who also stated the fact that no request had actually been made by the United States federal government.
The reporter went on to ask and I quote
“Is the feeling of sympathy somehow deterred by the view on U.S. policies in Iraq?”
Hell yeah baby! After 9/11 the whole world was with you, how the winds have turned today! Nobody wants to be America’s friend and somehow it’s our problem not Americas!
The commissioner was also asked why nobody has come forward to help the U.S. while the U.S. is expected to chip in every time there is a catastrophe in the rest of the world.
Well let me answer. After the tsunami bush announced he was going to pitch in with the princely sum of 150 million dollars…what? You are spending a motherfu****g EIGHT BILLION dollars in Iraq and this is all you have to give? Though he later raised the amount to 400 million dollars (like that’s a lot!) he was yet to release most of it till this may.

My message to all Americans: its not the world but your own leader who has failed you. Stand up, organize, and clean up the beautiful city of New Orleans coz the Texan aint coming.


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