Face the truth

This Saturday the world shall “celebrate” the 60th anniversary of the first atomic detonation on Hiroshima, all this while they should be mourning it instead.
For long the Americans have justified the use of the atomic bomb giving the following alibis:

1) the previous war experiences of Truman
2) The expectations of the American public.
3) an assessment of the possibilities of achieving a quick victory by other means
4) the complex relation with the soviets
people will always find it difficult to unload a bigger load of bullshit (or maybe bush did manage to!!)
It is said that Truman –who had served in the infantry in the first world war- wanted a quick end to the war to minimize human losses. The fallacy of this argument was proven by the massacre of upwards of 70,000 people in a single second. This huge number – nearly all civilian- would have been achieved in regular combat in at least 2-3 months or maybe more. The expectations of the American public surely must have been a factor, but surely they did not know it would come to this. There is no population in this world who will condone such savage massacre of innocent men, women and children… or maybe there is.
There was pressure from the military circles though; the general and scientist who participated in the Manhattan project wanted the weapon they had developed to be used. Much like a little boy who wants to play with a new toy, as soon as he gets hold of it. This is a very cruel analogy I know ….but its true.
As new skeletons emerge from this dirty closet we now know that Japan was indeed close to surrender much before the two A-bombs were used. Negotiations had been on with the Americans over the terms of the surrender, the Americans wanted a complete dissolution of the monarchy in Japan, which was opposed by the Japanese hence delaying any possible settlement and an ensuing surrender.
After the bombs were dropped the Americans revoked the clause demanding the dissolution of the monarchy and the Japs who had wanted to surrender since much before were happy to oblige. In fact by mid-1945, an American naval blockade had effectively cut off the home islands from the rest of the world. Moreover, regular incendiary bombing raids were destroying huge portions of one city after another, food and fuel were in short supply, and millions of civilians were homeless. General Curtis LeMay, the commander of American air forces in the Pacific, estimated that by the end of September he would have destroyed every target in Japan worth hitting, thus making the atomic bombs redundant
Nothing can however explain the use of the atomic bombings except the motive of the Americans to overshadow the reds and emerge as the one biggest power. Critics of the Cold War increasingly took up the argument that the atomic bombs had not been necessary to compel Japan’s surrender but had been deployed to prevent Soviet entry into the Asian war or to provide the Soviet Union with a graphic example of the devastation it would face if it challenged American supremacy in the postwar world .
The fact that the bomb was first tested in July and then actually used as soon as august says a lot about the haste with which the lives of all the victims were dispensed with.(the actual type of bomb used on august 6 was an untested type for which sufficient uranium had been collected only on by the 1st)While the Nazis and many Japanese generals were tried and convicted of war crimes, the worst perpetrators- the Americans- sadly were touted as heroes. The allied attacks on Dresden (which wiped off 1,35,000 civilians and achieved little militarily), Hiroshima, Nagasaki and several other centers of civilian population are screamers that will continue to howl till eternity. The actions of the current comic in chief (sic) are not adding to the goodwill of his country, with enough muck on its face America should avoid more dirt (sands of Iraq maybe) if it wants to stand tall in the future


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