the DBMM…(gosh now I am late)

I am at loss of words –that’s my smart way of saying I am too dumb to know what to say- Anyways I had the fortune of getting together with a diverse group of bloggers in a particular café in CP on the 23rd of July. I attended the meet for a short period of time and got back home early to leave for another pressing engagement. I did not realize till today that I was supposed to write about it. It was only when sanjukta pointed the fact in her article that I finally sat down to write about it.
Well to begin with, members of the Delhi bloggers group on yahoo will recall a certain e-mail sent by yours truly. In the mail I had asked what I thought was a stupid yet pertinent question …would the attendees turn up at 6 pm? -as was the time set for the meet to begin- or will everyone turn up according to “Indian standard time”?. I received a load of mails telling me that some people would be there at 6 while others would take their own time. Taking this advice to heart I set out on time (I had to leave early anyways for reasons stated above) only to discover that I was the first one to arrive. (Grrrrrr)
As I tried to burn the walls of café coffee day with my visual prowess (you can do that if you stare at one spot for a long time…try it!!), Deepan came to my rescue. I recognized him since I had seen pictures of the last DBM and so, my first (of hopefully many) DBM had started ( sorry for exaggerating…poor Deepan came in barely 5 minutes after I did…; ) )
As sanjukta has stated in her blog , she was one of the two first timers at the DBM. Needless to say I was the other one. As sanjukta states correctly “the other first timer came, saw and left”. Veni, vidi, vici (“I came, I saw, I conquered”) okay okay…I dint conquer I left ..but what do you call sat, waited and talked in latin??
Overall It was a good experience. I wasn’t inspired like sanjukta was, since I write my blog anyways(without caring if I have something good to write about 😉 ). Also I was unaware of the glory bestowed upon our group…! I wish I was there.
I guess after this experience (albeit short) I can count myself as a member of this hallowed group ( do I get the bragging rights ?? or do I have to subscribe to them?? 😉 ). And I look forward to more meetings…with (ahem) an increased duration of stay, If I may add 😉

p.s. sorry for the incomplete post the first time around.. 🙂


4 thoughts on “the DBMM…(gosh now I am late)

  1. harneet says:

    before i link to this from the DBM blog i would like you to check the complete post. it seems like a lot of it is missing or something.

  2. Michael says:


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  3. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Just wondering … what’s with Cafe Coffee Day and Blogger’s meets?

    How come all the bloggers’ meets take place in CCD only? I mean this is 5th one am hearing of

  4. a a says:

    i was given a later time in bday cards bec i used to end up on time before any one else
    spooky yet again!

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