For the Lady In The Blue Dress

I am feeling lovesick, I feel despondent since I know I may never see her again. Well to compound the misery I don’t have her number as well. The woman in question is not exactly real and that is what hurts the most. The fact is that I was visited by this lovely lady in my dreams, now I am in love, and in my dreams she loves me too!! (I must be getting real desperate, falling in love with fake women in my dreams!!).It’s been 4 hours since I woke up but I cannot forget her, I wanted to go back to sleep …only if she would be there as well. My heart feels like it weighs a ton right now..!!If any of you see a lovely lady in a blue dress in your dreams give her my message, tell her she can visit me in my dreams everyday! As I write about this juvenile fantasy of mine I am reminded of a song by Fenix*Tx which goes somewhat like this…..”who’s that lady ….who’s that woman…..get out of my dreams , get into my car. Get outta my mind get into my car ….i say hey you get into my car.” Another line of the song is like this ”baby lets make a deal…lets make it real”. Baby I’ll make any deal just be real!!

P.S. Freudians please leave me alone and do not try to make any stupid interpretations of my lovely yet heart wrenching dream


6 thoughts on “For the Lady In The Blue Dress

  1. Divz says:


    Keep Dreamin…. and it will b real soon:P

    all the best !!!!

  2. Royal Bengal Turtle says:

    is this the same blue dress that landed Amrika’s ex-prez in a soup? what about the lady in that dress? is she a white house intern too?

  3. neha says:

    i think we’ll hav to fix u up with some gal wearing blue prettyyy sooon .

    u . lovesick. i dont know what wud be the consequences 😛

    dont worry ive started looking out for a gal with freckles. will make it real for u ….

  4. maliha says:

    cant believe it but while i scroled down,freud’s interpretation is the first thing tht struch me.
    sorry dude!!!

  5. the girl says:

    What about when you’re in love with a memory? That’s my problem.

    Married to one guy, but was reminded of an old love a while back and now can’t get him outta my head.

    It sucks (sorta)!!!

  6. Gooey Dreamer! says:

    The Freudians they better lissen to you!!! coz they have this really annoying habit of messing up our most cherished dreams by mis-interpreting them! 😉 (read it any way you like.. :):)

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