I cranked up the engine, lined up on the starting line and revved it. Aah the sweet thunder. The countdown began, I could feel the nervousness in me grow as others lined up and revved their engines as well, and the heat was on. It was only 10 seconds before the race began, the race marshal signaled the start of the countdown. 10…9…8… SHIT! wrong CD I thought as the stereo came to life, I fumbled to skip to the next CD. 4…3…there now, with U2’s MOFO competing for air supremacy with the revving sound of the engines I was prepared. Hunched back in my seat gripping the steering wheel with one hand and the gear lever with the other and the accelerator pressed. 2…1. OFF it went as I shifted my car into gear, the screeching of the wheels kicking more adrenalin inside me. I was off the blocks….shifting higher and higher till I got top gear. I heard a bang…one of the guys behind me had blown his tire…no time for rubbernecking I had to concentrate I was still running 3rd.
Evidently these guys were pros, swerving through the roads like rapid streams of water. I pushed the pedal to the metal. It was now or never I thought as I was close to redlining the engine’s RPM. I positioned myself in the slipstream of the guy in front, the vacuum giving me a boost and carrying me tantalizingly close to his boot… closer… closer… the song in the stereo changed to YA mama by fat boy slim….push the tempo was the cry.. Still closer…closer…NOW!. I swerved to the right just as I was about to clip his butt and gunned it. The acceleration set me further back in my seat and was through. No. 1 was on target…I doubted if my car had more juice to allow me to catch him. “Never mind” I told myself as I pressed harder… its funny how large a large amount of adrenalin in the bloodstream can subdue the reasoning of the human mind, specifically erasing fear. Apparently No. 1 was on his limits as well …I caught a glimpse of his stressed face looking back through the side view mirror and here was I, looking my crazy best. I passed him a psychopathic smile; I was possessed, there was no way he was going to get away with this. It apparently worked … or maybe he developed some mechanical problem as he slowed down. No! He was giving up, wise choice baby, its better to bend in front of The Pradster rather than get broken into pieces- I thought as I passed him and moved into the lead…there I was the king of the roads. This was it, me blasting forward at top speed looking like a blur in the distance to the opposition.
My happiness was short lived, OH MY GOD…this could not be happening, why me? Oh god no …this is not happening, I screamed. There in front of me was the sign that my reign at the top was going to end…how could it? How could somebody so easily snatch away anything from The Pradster?
NOT ANOTHER RED LIGHT ….I exclaimed as I slowed down and eventually stopped, those who I had vanquished just some time ago began to take their places back again including the former No. 1 , chatting on his cell phone.
I guess we start again?? 😉


3 thoughts on “VROOOOM

  1. neha says:

    ahhem – its amusing how the kinda excitement u wrote about can be caused by a pc game ….

    well, its you. quite possible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahhh… good good….

    Racing on the Roadz is dangerous !!!

    Delhi Traffic Police 😀

  3. Sanjukta says:

    aha, so this is why you left the meet early…

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