Who are we Kidding?

The air is full with the hullabaloo created over the PM’s visit to the states. News channels have termed the visit ‘Historic” and media managers with the government have decided that this visit is going to usher in a new era in U.S. Indian relations.
While we here go gaga over this visit it is time to undergo a reality check.
We need not drown in ecstasy when Bush calls India an “emerging “superpower.
As soon as the comment came out all news channels were busy trying to explain the new respect India had gained around the world. I got just one word…BULLSHIT.
If India wants recognition as a superpower India needs to behave like one. Our status as a superpower is decided by us and us alone, not by pronouncements made by Dubya. If we wish to be treated as a superpower we need to tell the world who we are, unfortunate as is it the world recognizes power and we need to display ours.
We do not need a sham war, standing strong and facing others in the eye shows our inner strength. Waiting for the stamp of American approval is just not the way to go about it.
News channels including NDTV have been raving about the reception accorded to Dr. Singh in the United States, the litmus test however in the times of the dubya man is a visit to his ranch. Only if our PM is invited to the ranch –where parvez has been on numerous occasions- can we call it a good reception.
The historical tag was discounted by American media who categorically dismissed any support from the U.S. for an Indian UNSC bid. Adding insult to injury the American media seemed unconcerned with the presence of Man Mohan Singh and preferred to raise questions based on domestic issues (Cheney’s aides, the supreme court etc.) rather than inquire the two heads of state on their discussions. On the other hand the Indian media again displayed the attitude unfit for any superpower, choosing to raise India Pakistan centric questions. The two leaders announced that India and America were going to fight terrorism together, should we expect a joint invasion of Pakistan soon??


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