Cram it for god sake!!

When will we Indians get a statesman Prime Minister who can win the world with his image? Nehru was old hat, Indira Gandhi was called a witch, shastri died after negotiating a bad deal, the rest are all cow fodder, gowda and gujral famous for raising tempers outside of India for sleeping and kissing women respectively. Vajpayee was hailed as a statesman in India but was lame anyways. Man Mohan Singh a thoroughly learned man was expected (at least by me) to fare better. Alas!! I was disappointed. As soon as bush turned to the dais to him the welcome address, our great PM puts his hand in his pocket and whips out papers bearing his speech. CAN YOU NOT DO THIS HIDDEN BEHIND THE DAIS?? The prime minister of India cannot even speak impromptu!! When will we get a good one? HELL! Next please!!


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