A rose is a rose

An article in the Hindustan times today fired me up to write another angry blog. Mr. Tahir Mahmood member of national commission for religious and linguistic minorities, government of India and self appointed keeper of Muslim rights. Writes in “Why dial only M for reforms?” “Had imrana been, say Uma Rani, would the media have gone on and on about women’s rights? Would they have talked about a unified civil code? (Just a thought -if a person was to rape his stepmother, would she have to take him as her husband? how can one justify such medieval judgments!) The answer Mr. Mahmood is quite simple. You have taken the dignity out of the poor lady imrana and cloaked her in one guise. Muslim. The media will talk on and on if a rape victim were asked to marry the perpetrator of this heinous crime, her father in law. It would make no difference if the woman in question was called imrana, Uma Rani, basant kaur or Candice. It is a question of getting the lady her rights, which are guaranteed to all of us through our constitution regardless of race, religion and color.
To put this in the context of Hindu and Muslim is playing divisive tactics aimed also at saving your own hide for not doing anything to alleviate the woman’s pains.
Mahmood goes on to say and I quote”Hindu enactments are replete with anti women provisions and religion based discrimination…..” You have the answer to the questions with you Mahmood just peer into your conscience and you will find that a modern common civil code for all religions will do all of us great good. It will help guarantee women’s rights no matter what religion they were born in. it will also help simplify inter religion marriages which are right now a quagmire of sorts.
I hope influential people in the Muslim community will come forward and help women like gudia and imrana. And a note to this dude named tahir mahmood must realize that any woman who has been violated like imrana needs all the help we can give, regardless of her religion.


One thought on “A rose is a rose

  1. _ says:

    thr was this another case where a nurse from mukund hospital was raped by a hospital ward boy… and the court had actually accepted the petition filed by the accused to marry the victim…. so that he can “return her honor”

    our society alwayz looks down upon a rape victim…. we fail to see the mental and emotional trauma this has brought to her…

    as for imrana case, i hav one more question, wat if after her marriage to her father-in-law she is raped by her present husband???

    plz.. some one tell me…..

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