An open letter

Dear Mr. Terrorist, I have called you all kind of names in the past, I have tried to kick your balls, and I have persuaded everyone that you are a scourge that must be wiped of this earth. But I have had a change of heart. I write this letter for your own good. I understand you are training very hard at this point of time using the ammo supplied by the Pakistanis, to prepare for yet another suicide attack on our country. Mr. Terrorist I write this letter to explain to you why all your effort is going to be such a humungous waste. In the past 5 attacks on this country, using the methodology you are going to adopt, how many people have you killed? Here I am counting only the high profile attacks in Delhi Ahmedabad etc. (the attacks in Kashmir are as routine as the sun rising, the newspapers do not even report them anymore) So, the people killed by you in all these attacks are 3 that gives you an average of .6 killed per attack. To be concise you are PATHETIC beings who are doing nothing, except blowing your own butts off the street. India is a country with enormous human resource, so much that some of us are considered expendable. Neither the people nor the government are disturbed when an Indian dies, why? Since we got more than a billion of em! And if your aim is to draw international attention, it’s never going to come. This is a country where police action wipes out more people in an hour than you do in 5 suicide attacks. Where people kill each otherwith bare hands in the name of religion. Where the government kills its own using the weapons of apathy. Where incompetent doctors destroy entire families. Where we have blueline drivers. We consider this senseless murder of our own citizens “population control’. By planning and launching another attack you would be doing us a favor, playing to our own plans. The essential piece of advice for which I wrote this letter to you Mr. Terrorist is, sell your guns and bombs in the black market. They will fetch you handsome sum of money, you can then marry have 10 children, form a cricket team, and live your life in comfort. And let those weapons be used in countries like U.S.A and the U.K where apparently human life has more value.
This way you will do yourself more good than possible, not only will you continue to live, your cricket team can defeat India, which send the country into a collective state of depression unmatched by the lack of reaction to 50 people killed in a bomb attack.
And when you finally die you will still get those 100 virgins you were promised since the weapons you gave up were used to destroy the infidels of America.
Yours truly(Don’t try to find me if you don’t like my idea)


6 thoughts on “An open letter

  1. mike120 says:

    nice one there

  2. _ says:

    really nice… one of your best…

    we have actually turned blase to assume such stuff as part of an adventure epic…


  3. Neha says:

    i hope mr. terrorist reads this and sees not the hidden sarcasm but what you’ve actually written.

    and if he just by any teeny weeny chance gets the sarcasm, well then mr. terrorist i know where he lives .

  4. neha says:

    ell then mr. terrorist i know where he lives .

    he = pradster

    just in case it got confoozing 😉

  5. Sanjukta says:

    that was a wonderful post…I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Quite an interesting blog you have here..keep the great ideas coming…i am definately visiting back in a while

  6. Swagata says:

    applause, standing ovation for this post

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