We want our rights back

As friends in America will agree they have lost out on many of their rights post 9/11 owing to the controversial patriot act. We in India are on the same side; we have had many of the rights still enjoyed by you taken away from us since the late eighties- the same period in which terrorism was discovered by India.
We cannot buy a house a second hand car a mobile connection without giving the police our personal details. We cannot enter any government building without being hand frisked; our phone can be tapped without sufficient reason.
The government still cannot protect us from militant attacks (as I write this, terrorists have attacked the disputed site in ayodhya and are engaged in a gun battle with the cops)
If there are going to be attacks anyways let us have our rights back, let me enjoy my freedom, let me loiter without questions…Give me back my rights
7/5/2005 01:16 PM


One thought on “We want our rights back

  1. Swagata says:

    we do hav enuf rights, what more do u want, could u b a lil more precise?

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