The role of the media

I remember Arun shourie saying once that the Indian journalists lacked intellectual courage. What he meant was while the Indian journalist is brave, could speak out, is not afraid to confront difficult situations and an educated lot as well. Their on falling is that none of them dare to challenge the current trend. If on view if forwarded by one paper the other papers simply second the view, shourie reasoned and I agree with him that this leads to the demise of independent thinking. When all the electronic and conventional media are propagating no body dares to take a different stand.
Let’s go back to the Advani saga, when the remarks on Jinnah came out everyone declared in unison that hr was Advani trying to become a dove and realms were devoted to his transformation. What they missed out was Advani could have not in anyway gone to Pakistan and called Jinnah names in public from there!! His own stand remains that he was only trying to remind the Pakistanis of the secular foundations of their country. Whatever his motive was what disappointed me was that nobody challenged the prevalent view.
Till there appear some individuals who shall not be scared to take a stand and accept all criticism from the intelligentsia the common man shall be unable to make an informed decision.
7/5/2005 01:15 PM


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