Democracy :for the people by the people

This is a definition known to most of us. Since the direction followed by the government is ideally determined by public policy…who is answerable if the public is in the wrong? There are a couple of things that have brought out this idea into my mind the first and foremost being the decision of the Maharashtra govt. to cease the slum relocation drive in Bombay. The powers in the state were worried about the political repercussions that such a move might have had. Should this bother a govt. from taking the right path? Maybe a portion of the electorate might not appreciate this so I better not do anything!!. A similar case is of the Andhra Pradesh govt. announcing a 5% reservation for Muslims in all govt. jobs. These short sighted and vote bank targeting measures do not do anybody any good except for the politicians.
This brings to mind old saying in Hindi “andher nagri chopat raja”.
Going further the question posed earlier remains unanswered, If public policy advocates doing something grossly wrong should it be done? My view is no, the government should do what is right irrespective of the consequences. The combined conscience of the leaders is what is required (there is none, alas!) the opposition should support the government when the government is on the right side of things and should not always play the role of the devils advocate, Then maybe we could progress.
7/5/2005 01:15 PM


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