The Argument continues

The eternal struggle between the Punjabis and the Bengalis is well documented (nudge nudge, wink wink Mr. Royal Bengal Turtle) here’s adding another chapter to the legend and more fuel to the fire ,courtesy of racial slurs handed out by the brits over 80 years ago.
The case in point? one Mrs. Sood (a proud Punjabi and an advocate in the supreme court) has challenged a judgment of the high court …the Lahore high court to be precise ,delivered over 80 years ago the judgment stated that Punjabis are “habitual liars even in the face of death” . Mrs. Sood has gathered a loyal bunch of truthful Punjabis numbering 400 in all (not a reflection on the number of truthful Punjabis J ;-)) and submitted a petition seeking to erase the comment “it is well known that the inhabitants of Punjab will often in dying declarations not only accuse the offenders but will also add the names of other enemies “. How does this involve Bengalis? Well for one this is nothing compared to what the Bengalis were subjected to. We know that the modern Bengali is used to ridicule, this is due to years of condition owning to which the descendents of Thomas Babington Macaulay sleep in peace in spite of his scathing comments to which there has been little opposition and I quote” The Physical organization of the benaglee(sic) is feeble even to effeminacy . He lives in a constant vapor bath (lol).his pursuits are sedentary, his limbs delicate, his movements languid. During many ages he has been trampled upon by men of more bolder and hardy breeds” Macaulay’s more hardy breeds happened to include Punjabi’s. Reason for certain individuals to consider how they comment upon this blog-and choose if they want to be trampled upon as well!!

P.s. the nearest alternative offered by my spell check for Bengalis is beagles


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