Still more leftist crap

I had decided I was not to write anymore on the reds in India, but unfortunately there is still a large volume of pent up frustration inside me that I cannot help but let out. The drama over petrol prices that boiled over the last week -and had been simmering for some four months-ended with the result desired by the left front, enough votes to secure victory in municipal election in native Bengal. The left which had delayed the price hike for this long only to avoid facing the public has secured its vaults called off the so called “agitation” against the price hike just as the election outcomes were clear. The left prides itself for being packed with “intellectuals” I wonder what breed they are, since they do not seem to understand any law of economics, know none of history and behave like the less educated gentry of India.
The left people…people who I have come to deride like sitaram yechuri( makes me want to kick him in the groin every time I see him and other monstrosities.) emerge from the UPA meting rooms and then oppose decisions taken by them themselves some moments ago. It’s like they are sleeping with Sonia Gandhi in the UPA bed and then deride their own offspring as bastards when they finally emerge.

p.s. the substitute offered by the dictionary for yechury is lechery


One thought on “Still more leftist crap

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    lol havent read the post yet … but the pic was very funny … u got something against bengalis or wht? lol .. the pic was damn damn funny!

    P.S This word verification is gettin on ma nerves!!!

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