Left right left right center

I have a confession to make; while I strongly oppose the (Indian) left I have not always been prejudiced against them.
In fact till some years ago I could identify with the leftist ideals, I have always been impressed by the Marxist ideas on the nation state, the soviet ideal of all working together in a classless world appealed to me so much so that I still rue the collapse of the USSR. What made me change my views then? I am still the person who believes that the emergency was a good thing which happened to India. I have dreamt often of an alternative history where the INA would have fought the brits and won freedom for us long before we did, and a certain Netaji would have lorded over undivided India with his obvious leftist leanings. What made me change then?
One I do not agree with the socialist views on religion, I believe in god and his worshipping and I think others have the right to do the same. In short I believe in religious freedom for all. Second as I have developed my economic acumen I have come to the conclusion that the socialistic model of economic entities is not adroit in catering to the real need of underdeveloped or developing countries such as India.
Strictly speaking the government has no business in government. I do not believe in an out and out capitalistic model ass well. What is required is that the private enterprises can manage the businesses while the government can take care of other issues such as healthcare , education, law and order etc. yes I too believe that education should be provided to all and for FREE. Healthcare facilities should b provided FREE of cost as well…and free here does not mean anyway inferior, the best facilities in the world should be developed in this country for its citizens. Some people will find this difficult to believe but under the erstwhile Iraqi regime of saddam Hussein education and healthcare of the best level were indeed provided to Iraqis, this in contrast to the American system where people merge out of colleges either neck deep in debt or working their asses of in 4 jobs at the same time. And if you happen to fall ill without insurance you can find solace only with god…..hope you get there soon.
The third and by far most pertinent reason for my moving away from my leftist views is the current crops of leftist politicians around the world, and more visibly in India simply do not adhere to the ideals set by Marx, Lenin and other great leftist thinkers.
Not working to the cause of the poor yet proclaiming the same they disgust me to the utmost degree. also I do not identify with the brand of university politics played out by the left affiliated unions, opposition to MNC coffee outlets seems to be their only agenda, yet the same people dressed up in fabindia Kutras (an outlet owned by a firang) and levis (mnc???) using their mobiles …none of which are made in India and traveling in cars of foreign makers……follow what you preach and I will accord some respect to you.


One thought on “Left right left right center

  1. Royal Bengal Turtle says:

    I understand your frustration with the present-day Indian left (some of them drive me nuts too), but a few clarifications are in order. Leftism need not be the godless, proletarian collectivism of Marx and Lenin. It can also be found in the speeches of civil-rights leader and Christian pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The key thing to realise is that neither atheists nor believers have a monopoly on truth.

    Whatever be the internal contradictions of the Left Front, I can identify with a lot of the questions they ask of the economic policies that are being followed at the behest of the IMF and the World Bank. Sure, some of their demands may be outlandish (witness the fuel-price fiasco), but at least they show (or profess to show) a modicum of concern about the impact that neoliberal economic policies are having on the urban poor and the rural disposessed.

    Though their publications (like The Hindu and Frontline) often show shameful sycophancy to external (read Chinese and Russian) influences, they at least expose the instances where “reforms” are codewords for corporate globalization. In contrast, the ultra-religious, super-patriotic Hindutva brigade has only three topics on its mind: Muslims, Pakistan and terrorism. They do not seem to be bothered in the least about how people’s livelihoods are being affected by decisions taken in Delhi, but only whether there is enough space to build one more temple in addition to the 100 trillion temples that already exist in the country. These divisive issues really hurt the country in my view. But then, I could be wrong, since I don’t have a monopoly on the truth!

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