who needs the left??

One agrees with the lefts contention against raising of fuel prices, on the other hand their motivation and methodologies stink foul. Petrol prices in India are one of the highest in the world due to heavy duties imposed by both the state and union governments ,they hurt people like me the most since I have to ration my pocket money on petrol or….not take the car at all. Coming back to the point the leftist agitation rather than being a meaningful exercise has just been an eyewash, a pressure tactic aimed at arm twisting the UPA and giving the left an opportunity to tell the world how it champions the cause of the poor and downtrodden..(not me!).
It makes me wonder since the poor and downtrodden have not exactly disappeared from west Bengal. Instead institutions affiliated to the same left parties agitate against them for their “Anti Poor” policies in Bengal, the much maligned words disinvestment and privatization are discussed in writers house with respect accorded to seraphs from heaven. Foreign investment in Bengal is not a pariah anymore.
Yet the same commies raise such a stink on the same issues in the center… schizophrenia anyone??India is full of schmucks who will oppose things vehemently yet offer no viable alternative. In this regard I have a Note for PC (the FM for those not tuned in ) I am opposed to the price hike just like the reds but I will offer you a solution as well . Simply reduce the taxes on crude oil imports so as to reduce the burden on the oil companies and to compensate for the reduction revenue on account of duties you could raise more money if you imposed a token tax on agricultural income exceeding Rs. 100000 . the rate of taxation being a mere 5%(minimum) this way you could raise money from the cream of the agricultural sector and tap into this hitherto untapped part of India’s earning populace


2 thoughts on “who needs the left??

  1. Royal Bengal Turtle says:

    India needs a left (maybe not this one)

    First, a confession: I am a leftist and proud of it. Not a communist, merely a liberal (ok, maybe a social democrat). It’s because I believe the “free market” is not enough to ensure a just and equitable society, and it is necessary to provide a safety net for people in hard times and to give a helping hand to those left behind in the rat race. While it is important not to stifle innovation and enterprise with stultifying taxes and asinine regulations, it is also important to make sure that those who get the most out of the system also put their fair share into it.

    Yes, India does need a left. It does not need ideologues without any idelogy who prostrate before Moscow and Beijing, rather it needs genuine patriots who want to improve the country’s place in the world, and who are not fixated on either “free-market” or “proletariat” dogmas. We need to strike a balance between disinvestment of sick industries and corporatization of public assets. No, we don’t need to nationalise every tea-stall and pawn-shop, but we need to have a national healthcare system, free education (at least upto 10+2 level), unemployment insurance and a reliable pension system. These are present even in capitalist, industralized societies. Mind you, these were not granted as gifts from heaven, but were rather achieved through bitter struggle, struggles led by people said to belong to the “left”.

    So, there is a clear need for a left, most of all in a country like India, which does not have most of the welfare-society aspects mentioned before. The question is: what kind of a left? I think it is clear from your arguments that we don’t need the kind we have now!

  2. a a says:

    this deserves another omg i wanted to ask abt politics but then forgot its a “we” here too! i have never been able to understand the red salute brigade!! and i REALLY like ur definition of “left”

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