where are we headed?

I have just returned from a brief vacation in Sridham Mayapur ,situated approximately two and a half hours outside kolkatta by train it is an island of serenity amidst the chaos that is synonymous with the state of West Bengal.
Away from so called “civilization” for a week inside the beautiful Mayapur Chandrodaya temple , one can not help but notice the anarchy prevailing in the world outside.Of particular concern is the state of political affairs in the country, the authority without responsibility vested in the hands of the Left has disturbing consequences for all, also a disturbing element is the failure of the BJP to play the role of a constructive opposition. This point has been voiced now for a long time, the previous opposition did not set a good precedent agreed -however, two wrongs have still not been conclusively proven to make a right despite the belief in the same


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