welcome to my blog

Welcome to the first edition of my blog. I plan to write about practically everything under the sun, I just hope I can put the bulk of my ideas across without stepping on many peoples toes (there are bound to be some, and I do not think I can really avoid that). I may sound controversial, I may ignore your point of view-but then its MY BLOG, MY VIEWS. Take them or leave them.


3 thoughts on “welcome to my blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey dude,
    surelt shows lot of effort gone into the making.
    way to go!!!
    dont know why but the things familiar,,,,,
    do i know, by any chance.

  2. pradster13 says:

    if u know m or not …i would know only if u told m more abt yourself…if u can send a mail…the link is on the sidebar

  3. ash says:

    hey buddy!!
    great blog! u wont believe but i must have read over 200-500 blogs in the past 2 mths as my summer proj is on blogging and its impact on business..i came across blogs of friendss and others but this one is very finely written.. and by the way are those poems authored by pallu the spikey hair bloated nose and americanized dude i used to know…if yes, then this guy is some fella i have never even met!

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