intolorable cruelty

I am also taking the liberty to subject you to the inhuman punishment of browsing through poem written by yours truly, bouquets and brickbats are welcome

(Bad poetry with a good intention)

Please don’t hold my hand
You make me go wild
We can talk for hours
But just don’t look into my eyes
Don’t tell me you secrets
Don’t tell me I am the one
I cannot take it. I’ll die
It honestly gets too much for me
Just to feel your velvet touch
I cannot imagine what it would be like
When you pour out your heart
Will I find a nook there to live?
Will I stay abandoned by love?
Would I try hard tomorrow?
I cannot say without a doubt
I will love you forever
I just want you to know

If I cannot call
Does not mean I do not miss
Those pearly drops of laughter
Strung by a smile on your lips
I die to hear your voice on the other side of the phone
It’s true when they say love hurts
Even more when you suffer the pain alone
I miss those moment spent
In the company of a queen
Your royal highness I beg forgiveness
For if I cannot say what I mean.
If I hold the words back in me. Or they just run out on me.
If I dry out my eyes. I promised not to cry
Since I don’t announce your name …from the sky
You are sincerely on higher ground.
I realize deserve you I don’t.
The end I do not doubt
But hope is my nature
I live on with it in my heart…..Somehow


One thought on “intolorable cruelty

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Hey Rocksta!

    That was realy touching … u sure u wrote it urself? I never expected tht kinna poem outta u … great to know u have a romantic side as well !!!

    T’was very very sweet i must say!

    Didja write this for her? Or just?

    Rock on!

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